About DeepSeat

DeepSeats are rib protecting fiberglass seats for racing go karts. The design of the DeepSeat serves two main functions. It’s larger sidewall allows the forces of kart racing to be spread across a wider area of the driver’s ribcage, therefore reducing injury. Traditional seats have a rolled edged that digs into the ribs, and does nothing to keep a driver in the seat. The DeepSeat wraps around the rib area and holds you in the seat, while at the same time, protects the ribs. The floor area of the seat also comes up under the thighs and provides more support there are well. As a bonus, the wide sides of the seat allow tipping the seat back further and mounting it lower, which can help the handling on karts with larger or taller drivers. Many drivers have switched to the DeepSeat to keep themselves “in the game”, when a rib injury has sidelined them.

DeepSeats are made in the USA, and use a black gelcoat and resin mix to keep them looking good. The inside of the seat has the weave texture and helps keep you from sliding around in the seat.

For more information, or to order a DeepSeat, please call us at 262.814.5400 or click on the contact link above.